LOUD is taiko drummer Eileen Kage and electric guitarist Elaine Stef. They compose and perform original instrumental music utilizing primarily the electric guitar, taiko drums, and parts of the western drum kit. They have also incorporated the accordion, flute, percussion, pots and pans and guest performers as the need arises. The compositions come from jamming out ideas together. The result is a range of music that has been described as being “from the melodic to the extreme,” and “the soundtrack to the world breathing and the soul stirring.”

LOUD’s music appeals to an unusually diverse audience. They have played at festivals, soft seat theatres, clubs, universities, street parades, punk gigs and prisons. Their commitment to social justice and their communities is central to the philosophy of the group, and they often lend their support at fundraising events.

LOUD’s first full length recording was a CD called taikoelectric. It was received with critical acclaim and exposed the group and their music to a wide audience. They released their second full length recording, echo and flow in August of 2012. Their music has been included on compilation albums and soundtracks, and they have been commissioned to compose for multimedia projects and performances. They have performed in Canada, the United States and Europe.

LOUD formed in 1996 in Vancouver Canada as a trio with taiko drummers Eileen Kage and Leslie Komori, and electric guitarist Elaine Stef. Leslie Komori left the group in 2001, and Eileen and Elaine continued as a duo.